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"As we examine work that was revolutionary in its time, we discover that questions posed by artists of the past are relevant today. Mixing historic ideology with current philosophical, political and economic trends, we give voice to the past as we interpret the present."

Artistic Director

Exquisite Corpse Company

Secession: 2015

"Inspired by the many remarkable women of our Colorado Springs community, both historic and contemporary, Howsam celebrates their contributions through thoughtful depictions of their passions and personalities. 

Howam's living subjects are not identified by name but rather by description of their tremendous contributions to the community. Whether you know these influential women by their likenesses or by their accomplishments, you are certain to recognize the variety of ways they have made their marks and diligently continue their work to make Colorado Springs a better place."

-Joy Armstrong

Curator Modern and Contemporary Art

All New Women Exhibition 2016

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

© Sara Ware Howsam

© Sara Ware Howsam

© Sara Ware Howsam

© Sara Ware Howsam

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